Sunday, July 5, 2009

Watercolor Sketch, Gackt as Kagetora

wtrclrkagetora, originally uploaded by Ntkufreak.

You knew I was going to try and paint Gackt sooner or later. I think I'm getting a little better at this.

Speaking of Gackt, July 4 was his birthday. Happy birthday, Gackt, and happy 10-year anniversary as a solo artist! May the years bring more of your music and your spirit.

What I want to do is try adding some linework to it, but I think I better save that for a new image. Even though this IS just a sketch, I like it and want to leave it alone. Truth be told, I've been tempted to add lines to EACH sketch I've made, even two failures I haven't bothered to post (but I probably will if for no other reason than archival).

I also want to start doing some images from my head, but for now I need to hold off on that urge and keep to the reference. I don't think I'm good enough for the former yet.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Watercolor Sketch, Shingen Takeda

wtrclrtakeda, originally uploaded by Ntkufreak.

Otherwise known as Ichikawa Kamejiro from NHK's 2007 taiga drama Fuurin Kazan.

...Wait, were you expecting Gackt?

Don't worry, I'll be painting him soon enough! But I draw him constantly in my sketchbook, to the point where it's almost a bad habit. XD

Watercolor Sketch, Random LJ Friend

wtrclr20090701, originally uploaded by Ntkufreak.

Found this photo off my LJ friend-list (and going to leave it anon in case she wants it that way XD;). Wanted to try some more watercolor. It looks alright in person, but really funky scanned in. Definitely overworked it, will have to be careful not to next time.

Watercolor Sketch, Maria-Antoaneta Tudor

mariasketch, originally uploaded by Ntkufreak.

I've always sucked with watercolor and I've always wanted to fix that. I don't think this is so bad -- the portrait itself at least, the bg color looks nicer in person and the bottom I was just playing around.

On another note, Moleskine watercolor notebooks are nice.

The subject is Romanian actress, stunt performer, and singer Maria-Antoaneta Tudor. Isn't she pretty? Google her, she has a website -- she's very talented and works very hard.