Sunday, July 5, 2009

Watercolor Sketch, Gackt as Kagetora

wtrclrkagetora, originally uploaded by Ntkufreak.

You knew I was going to try and paint Gackt sooner or later. I think I'm getting a little better at this.

Speaking of Gackt, July 4 was his birthday. Happy birthday, Gackt, and happy 10-year anniversary as a solo artist! May the years bring more of your music and your spirit.

What I want to do is try adding some linework to it, but I think I better save that for a new image. Even though this IS just a sketch, I like it and want to leave it alone. Truth be told, I've been tempted to add lines to EACH sketch I've made, even two failures I haven't bothered to post (but I probably will if for no other reason than archival).

I also want to start doing some images from my head, but for now I need to hold off on that urge and keep to the reference. I don't think I'm good enough for the former yet.


  1. wow! This is really nice! Bravo!

  2. Found your blog from Abby's. Horay for Gackt! I like your composition alot.

    I'm actually going to sing last song or dears for either international coffee house or sexy coffeehouse.....haven't decided which one is more appropriate...