Thursday, September 17, 2009

Roller Girl

Roller Girl, originally uploaded by Ntkufreak.

I've been organizing my portfolio for study abroad and went back to touch this up. This was an assignment for Brian Ralph's character design class. I had fun drawing her.

I promise I'll get some current things up soon, when I make them!


  1. What great gesture and action! I like the petticoat :D My only nitpick is that the six comes before five on your clock. BTW you're friended.

  2. Oh my God, you're totally right. That's mortifying -- thanks for catching it, eeeek. And that was in my study abroad portfolio, too, damnit!...Oh well, LOL.

    Thanks for the friending!

  3. This is genius.Roller derby. Steampunk. Ass-kicking.

    This is pure genius. I absolutely adore the button-hook boots.