Thursday, November 4, 2010

Updates Updates

It's been a long time since I updated, and I'm sorry about that. I do have a few things at least. First, work for my thesis:

These sketches are for the Old Man and the Naturalist/Antagonist. I'm not too happy with either of these sets, though I do think I will steal one of the Antagonist thumbs (#2) and use it instead for my Protagonist. Some of the critique I got on the old Architect/Protagonist was that it was too busy, and I have to agree. I was not too happy with him anyway. But I like this guy, though I need to figure out a way to make him visually interesting since he's very recognizable with Western trends.

With both sets overall though, it's helpful because I am at least getting somewhere. I'm also trying a new way of thumbnailing where I focus more on interior detail than outside silhouette, while starting with the blue pencil (removed in Photoshop) to figure out basic shapes.

And for the other project, a repaint of Rama -- critique that I received was that he'd lost some of the energy in the drawing, and gotten too muddy.

And and -- the assignment that was due this week. An environment 50%/ish done!


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