Thursday, April 8, 2010

Katydid Book Cover

Katydid, originally uploaded by Ntkufreak.

And this is due in a few hours. Whee!

Advanced Photoshop, we were given an excerpt of Andrew Auseon's "Katydid" and asked to illustrate either a book cover or movie poster. I got fed up with making Photoshop files that were literally 7x11, as my computer has trouble processing the file when I get into painting it. So this'll have to be blown up for the final print. Probably will hurt the quality, but we can see at least. The usual process for this: sketched by hand, scanned in, painted. The title is handlettered: I used a sharpie and composition/tracing bond paper to figure out the exact title. It took a few attempts to get something that I liked.

This might be a little too comic-booky or literal... but eh. It was almost a little tricky not to spend a lot of time painting things that wouldn't be very visible. Also I just liked the idea of writing in a fogged train window.

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