Thursday, September 30, 2010

Character Ortho and More

Sorry I missed yesterday for posting. Here's a few images to make up for it, both for the Cyberama project. The first is a quick ortho/turnaround for the minor character I designed, as well as an update version. Sean Murray did paintover crits with suggestions and comments, where we were then to bring them back with such changes incorporated (or with a very good reason to omit them). The ortho reflects the new design along with a few smaller details I encountered while Googling, such as more details on the turban.

The next image is an in-class project where we took one of our team members' thumbnail designs and brought it to a more completed state. This design is for a demon boss, created by Amanda Christensen. It was pretty fun to take someone else's rough concept and focus on the technicalities! Some of which mine are a bit questionable -- does she need to be THAT long? -- but eh, you know.

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