Monday, November 14, 2011

3D Modeling - Stilthouse

I haven't had a chance to revisit 3DS Max since the Game Art class I took last summer. I wasn't really that pleased with that model, and I wanted to learn more about concepting from a modeler's point of view - or anyone who would have to be looking at my drawings for information, for that matter. You may remember the environment sketches I did in August; I've been picking the best of those and producing them as 3D models.

The stilthouse was the first model I was actually a little satisfied with! It was based on this sketch:

You may remember it!


Kind of Myst-y? Maybe?

Stilthouse Orbit

The untextured images are up at my website - - as well as the most recent model I did (under Concept Art), which I'll be posting up later this week.

Things have been very busy. Been sending out applications and resumes like mad. But I wanted to make sure I got a chance to put these up, it's already been a while but my blog's been looking dusty lately!


  1. I've been wanting to learn 3d max. Is it really hard to work with?

  2. It can be, and definitely at first. I don't find it intuitive and it's not like having a lot of experience with any Adobe programs translates well to it. Additionally, if you're looking into any kind of studio production, unless you're working on being a full out modeler, 3DS Max familiarity won't save a bad portfolio. It's important to keep drawing and painting.

    With that said, learning it does teach you a lot about concepting, and it is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. But expect to be getting the hang of it for a while. I'm still kind of getting the hang of it! These are pretty basic models.